After an encouraging success with Sonoff Touch I ordered the TH16 model. It is designed to be hidden out of sight (as it is ugly and with tiny button) and it has additional 2.5mm port to connect a sensor. I chose AM2301 model which provides temperature and humidity measurements.

I usually use Aliexpress as my first choice for DIY parts and I bought there Arduino Mega 2560 clone. My plan was to use it with the RFlink software to receive 433 MHz signals (and who knows - maybe send them). It was mostly for temperature and humidity sensors which...

Please note that this post applies to other Sonoff devices. I just checked it with Sonoff TH16. I didn’t want to change the title of this post to not mess the permalink.

I am in slow process of setting up home automation. It was Domoticz at first but my colleague talked me into OpenHab and I never looked back. But this is about something else.