Why I switched to WordPress?

I was quite fond of my Jekyll setup, but… I have moved between multiple workstations in short period of time. Every time I did it I had to setup build chain for Jekyll from scratch again. Then I had to remind myself how to publish new entry (because it involved building it locally and then rsyncing out to the server). And it was all for tiny blog of no great importance. So it was basically hindering my publication process and on many occasions I decided not to post as it was taking too much time and usually I had some other failures. The straw that broke camel back was moving to MacOS where I had tons of issues with Ruby and Jekyll dependencies. So I finally gave up and spun up just WordPress container. It took me like 2 hours to move all entries across including import of media. And it was great opportunity to polish entries and remove some typos.

And probably many of you will tell my I could’ve fixed my publication process and stayed with Jekyll but I figured out it is not the tool important but the content (how arrogant!). So I hope you will enjoy your stay no matter the platform.

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